Monday, June 25, 2012

On Becoming a Food Critic...

Okay so I know that I'm going to have to consider a lot of things when I start doing reviews, but I went ahead anyway and started looking for sites to register for in order to begin writing reviews--after all, this is the fun part! 

I also added a blog list to the right to give samples of other types of food blogs. I like looking at what other people do in order to inspire ideas as well as get a general understanding for what I'm planning on doing. 

Anyways, back to the website. Above my blog list I will be adding in any other types of food review sites so that anyone can easily find a place to begin their own food critic journey themselves. I've chosen to try out Urban Spoon because it contains several restaurants in my area that I can access to review. 

I'm going to continue looking up tips throughout the process of attempting reviews. I'll post it all though, so don't worry--you wont miss a beat.

Thanks for reading! 

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